During the course of this excursion you will visit one of the principal natural attractions of the island, Timanfaya's National Park.

In the " Islote de Ilario " you will experience directly the high temperatures which are registered in low depth.

You will also have the opportunity to do an impressive trip by the crater landscape, there where the historic volcanic eruptions thought between 1730 and 1736 instead of. As a result they left this impressive lava sea. Timanfaya: a tragic landscape, from stimulating forms and fully from fascinating nuances.

An adventurous ride on the camel will entertein you for a while and reduce a little the effect of the dramatic landscape of the Timanfaya National Park.

Another place of incredible beauty is "El Golfo" a volcano half open to the sea with its fantastic rock strata´s inside the caldera.





The route around the north of the island will take you to the village of Teguise, the second oldest village of the Canaries, after Betancúria in Fuerteventura and the "Cueva de los Verdes, part of an impressive lava tube that runs for 6 klm. Another part of this tube under the Atlantic Ocean and is known as the Tunnel of Atlantis.

During this excursion you will visit the "Mirador del Rio" with its fantastic view over the whole "Archipelago Chinijo", with the islands, La Graciosa, Montaña Clara and Alegranza.This small archipelago was declared to protected area and biosphere reserve in1994.

In "Jameos del Agua" in addition to his environmental beauty, you also will be able to feel the wonderful natural ambience that make this so tranquil. There are also bars and restaurant.






Built on 5 lava bubbles which come from the volcanic eruptions of 1730-1736. The house of the brilliant artist Cesar Manrique is the best example of a perfect symbiosis between men and nature.

The " Taro of Tahiche " how the unusual construction was called became Cesar Manrique-Stiftung during the artists still lived.

Thanks to his broadminded donation the corporation serves to this day to promote the artists who sometimes do not dispose of the necessary means to develop his art.

In the Taro de Tahiche, Cesar Manrique was looking for the inspiration necessary for the development of his great creative imagination: Painting, Architecture, Decoration of interiors and exteriors....

But the most important part of his effort and individual compromise was dedicated  to sensitize the people on a portable development which held the beauty of Lanzarote intactly and did not endanger his fragile ecological balance.


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